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Entertainment: Timaya Gets Funniest Response As He Intends Employing Someone To Greet And Give People Handshakes On His Behalf



Nigerian dancehall musician Timaya came up with a solution to the voluminous greetings that are sent out every day that, if put into practice, would be an effective replacement.

Timaya revealed he was prepared to hire a personal greeter who would shake hands and extend greetings on his behalf. He wrote, “I want to hire someone who will be responsible for greeting people on my behalf and will also be shaking hands.

The singer of “Sanko” didn’t have to give a reason for wanting to hire an employee to meet people before his Twitter followers surmised that he greets many people every day due to his celebrity status.

Since Timaya shared on Twitter, his devoted followers have begun sending their applications through his comment area.


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Source: Lifestyle News

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