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Operemor Kingship: Angele Condemns Falsehood, Warns Those Soiling His Hard-Earned Reputation



Written By: Timipre Ndoni, Media Aide To Godknows Angele, Executive Chairman of Burutu LGA

In the early hours of today, the Executive Chairman of Burutu Local Government Area, Rt. Hon. Godknows Angele debunked the allegation personated by some leaders over the selection process led by Chief Barre Itolo, thereby using his name against the committee.

Rt. Hon. Godknows Angele, Executive Chairman of Burutu Local Government Area has made it known to the public that he didn’t condemn the selection process but warned that the result of the process should not be distorted. He noted that it was just a propaganda formed by individual leaders from the kingdom.

He made it succinctly that who ever that is trying to blackmail his integrity and hard-earned reputation because of their personal interest will not go scot-free and must be treated in line with the law when caught.

Moreover, he had assured the public that he will play his roles unbiasedly at all ramifications. He didn’t stop there but proceeded to state some of the reasons people are using his name against each other for their personal interest as a form of threat.


Some have succeeded using his name in some of the cominuques but this time around, he will not let go of any one that is using his name unscrupulously.

He further described their act as “false impostorial act” designed by individual leaders for their sycophantic interest.

In as much as he is concerned, the public should jettison such false impostorial act, a means of threat against the Operemer kingship selection process that was conducted on Wednesday 4th May, 2022.

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