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Ndoni Faults Gov. Douye Diri On Imposing Sen. Dickson For Bayelsa West Senatorial Seat 2023.



….Warns The Miracle Governor To Desist From Such Act In Order To Maintain Peace And Coexistence In The Senatorial District The People Are Currently Enjoying.

The fearless and voice of Ijaw Nation, Niger Delta cum Spokesman Bayelsa West Unity Forum (BWUF), Comrade Timipre Ndoni has faulted Governor Douye Diri, Governor of Bayelsa State for imposing Sen. Henry Seriake Dickson on Bayelsa West Senatorial seat comes 2023.

According to Ndoni, he’s deeply disappointed on the alleged decision taken by the miracle Governor; His Excellency, Sen Douye Diri, to field the Bayelsa State Former Governor and Senator representing the good people of Bayelsa West Senatorial District for second term which supposed to be a father of all but sided on one man interest to displease the people of Ekeremor Local Government Area.

The Bayelsa West Senatorial District zoning agreetment is not a news for Ekeremor/Sagbama people, this has been a culture for all sons and daughters of the aforementioned LGAs who have agreed to alternate the West top job for every eight years in governance, even the Gov. Diri knows that. Ekeremor people had sacrificed their love to keep their part of the already existing zoning agreetment to allow Sen Dickson to be successfully elected in 2020 Senatorial bye election to complete the remaining years of his Constituent brother, Sen. Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo who was divinely promoted to occupy the position of the State Deputy Governor.


“As a fearless son of Ijaw Nation I enjoined with compatriots sons and daughters of Sagbama/ Ekeremor LGA that formed Bayelsa West Senatorial District to urge His Excellency, Sen Douye Diri to act as Agent of peace and harmony to maintain coexistence recently enjoyed by the people of Bayelsa West District and allowing the masses to decide who to be elected as their next Senator to represent them at the Red Chambers comes 2023 in the forthcoming National Elections.”

Ndoni speaks volume, outlined the subsequent routine of the unsealed zoning arrangement noting that it is the turn of Ekeremor LGA to produce the next Senator while Sagbama to produce the next House of Representatives member comes 2023.

“Imposition of candidate based on interest and assurance of second term bid will not only jeopardize the peace and harmony among the people of the District but will also pose disunity that would cause destruction of lives and properties among those at the loosing side and the people of Ekeremor/Sagbama Local Government Areas.

“I challenge the miracle Governor of Bayelsa State, Sen Douye Diri to show sense of direction and belonging to the good people of Ekeremor LGA for fairness and equity the people once enjoyed which has materialized peace, justice, unity and development in governance”, the statement also reads.

Ndoni also urged the miracle governor to acknowledge the cries and worries of Ekeremor people to produce the next Senator comes 2023.


He added: “It would be recalled that anynomous rumor has it that Ekeremor sons who had purchased nominated forms to balance the Zoning arrangement in the Local Government Area under the state ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have stepped down for Sen. Seriake Dickson to take the lead for another tenure which I describe as sabotage in governance, inequality among party men.”

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