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People Are Threatening Me Because They Want Me To Stop Preaching The Word Of God – Mummy G.O



The controversial woman of God and popular Evangelist Olufunmilayo Adebayo, which is popularly called “Mummy G.O while being interviewed by the BBC News Pidgin said,” People are threatening her life because they want her to stop preaching the word of God.”

The evangelist also talked about teachings and viral videos and memes among Nigerians.

During the interview, the happy-looking woman of God was asked how she felt about people’s reactions to her ministry, which she replied that she is preaching the word of God and nothing can stop her. She is calling people to Heaven and sending them away from hellfire by telling them what they should not do to warrant them to be admitted into hell.

Moreso, when she was asked about how she started the ministry, she said the ministry was started 24yrs ago but she was surprised that she became popular a few months ago.


Olufunmilayo said people should stop listening to what has been said about her on the social media platforms but rather should learn about her from people close to her instead of mere speculations from her enemies on the social media platforms.

Although Olufunmilayo has become a popular figure among Nigerians because of her videos and style of preaching, there is a need for her to restrict herself from some of the things she says during sermons.

Source: Opera

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