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Nigeria@61; Demebide Decries Country’s Woes, Prays For God’s Intervention



Comrade Anthony Miens Demebide, a Niger Delta activist and social analyst has blamed the Nigerian government for the woes facing the country.

The comrade cum master of ceremony, MC stated that the President Buhari-led APC government has lost control, and has therefore made the country vulnerable to crimes and criminality.

The Ayakoromo-born entertainer has also noted that the growing security challenges of kidnapping, banditry, ritual killings, herdsmen/farmers crisis, rape, and the Boko Haram insurgency have surmounted the country’s power, that God’s intervention is needed.

As Nigeria commemorates her 61st Independence Day Anniversary, Comrade Anthony has also joined voice in an article made available to Thepeoplesvoicengr in Warri today.


A day irresistibly fascinated with accolades wooing to political liberation by the then patriotic compatriots, scarce to find in our present Nigeria.

Independence Day enclosed with many historical facts to celebrate our dear Nation, but do I need to bug my readers with these already known circumstances surrounding Nigeria’s political freedom from the white-skinned imperialists? I don’t think I have to, it’s an unnecessary repression and upheaval of regrets.

Today being a great day in the history of Nigeria remembers her true compatriots who devotedly fought for our political independence from the colonial masters who made us slave in our own land for centuries, but was the emancipation struggle scampered on selfish and personal interest, anchoring on regionalism and tribalism? Your response is entirely yours.

Let me civilly commend successive governments for upholding the nation’s entity as Nigeria for 61 years against the clamours of two lovers who want to breakup probably as a result of distrust for each other, infidelity, insincerity to the marital vows, injustice, lack of commitment, and many other factors. But what if the Nation goes the other way? Who cares if? Does it really matter if it splits? Whatever!

A few words strike my pulse in repulsion to the National Anthem and the Pledge in national remembrance days like today’s. The call from the National Anthem to us as compatriots to serve our fatherland with “love”, “strength” and “faith”, and we pledge to be “faithful”, “loyal”, and “honest”. The supposed flavour endearing these words is sliced into regional and ethnic favouritism.


Well, as a people we are pulling through the swirls and waves of bad governance, insecurity/insurgency, unemployment, divide and rule, injustice, hike in prices of food and essential commodities, lack of empowerment, factionalism, etc for threescore and one now. We can go through another with God still on the throne.

It’s a pity that the country is faced with severality of crimes and criminality as in insecurity via kidnapping, banditry, ritual killings, Boko Haram insurgency, rape, herdsmen/farmers crisis, and many others.

The present Nigerian leadership has lost total control in protecting lives of citizens and property, and improving the living standard of the citizenry.


I mean not to be impertinent or ill-mannered,
but just to xray the grieved mind.


We’ve complained severally but these words always hit the rock

Those we count on to give us relief now lock their hearts

We watch you celebrate this day from distance,

recounting our years of servitude to the ruling house in solitude like the solitary reaper

We bite our fingers in tears because the musician is not playing the supposed song,
and the dancers stand and look in disarray
after all we put in to bring him to stage


You roll in affluence with your family
while your followers wallow in abject lack.

How long shall we stand in the rains
without somebody to give us the umbrella succor from being drenched?

Must we beg to be protected and provided with good living standard?


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