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Breaking News: Creek Dragons Resurfaces, Dares Okowa, Plots New Move 



In what could seem to be the sound of trouble in Delta State, a dreaded militant group has resurfaced after almost a year of hibernation but this time with a daring message to His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta State.

The dreadful group had in a statement signed by the General Commander of Creek Dragons, self styled Gen. Freedom Adowei, a copy of which was sent to Thepeoplesvoicengr earlier today had accused the Governor of neglecting them after working for him in 2015 and 2019.

Gen. Adowei had in the statement promised the Governor that if he fails to address the underdevelopmental states of the Delta Ijaw people urgently by also keeping to his words of promise  during  the 2015 and 2019 elections in the state, he should be ready to feel their wrath. 

According to him, the group has made too much sacrifices for the Governor, recalling a scenario when he was shot at Edo State while mobilising members to ensure the victory of Okowa, stressing that they cannot continue to remain mute in the face of such alleged glaring injustice hovering around the state.

Speaking further, the group had called on President Muhammadu Buhari to hold Governor Okowa responsible should there be any issue of a drop in the revenue of Delta State oil production.


The statement reads in full below:

Creek Dragons under the leadership of Gen. Freedom Adowei has called on the Federal government and critical stakeholders to caution Dr. Sen. Ifeayin Okowa over his management of state affairs, most especially the abuse of state power and the unconstitutional interference with commissions that are meant to address the concerns of the people. Governor Okowa has overnight turned himself into a political gladiator in Delta State all in the fear of EFCC that may come after him at the end of his tenure. Okowa now uses state funds to settle his way out. The 13% derivation funds meant for the  development of the oil producing communities has also been hijacked by Okowa.

Governor Okowa is gradually milking DESOPADEC dry with his questionable activities in the commission. 

Creek Dragons will no longer keep calm when a minority in terms of oil production quota in the name of Governor embezzled host communities funds for selfish reasons. This is capable of breaking down law and order and should in case insecurity looms and oil production drops from this end, the Federal government should hold governor Okowa responsible, because we can’t keep feeding a system we practically get nothing from.

The Governor with his hunger promoting programmes has technically frustrated promising youths into criminal activities, hence there is need for the Creek Dragons to speak up and clear the Governor’s doubts that our professionalism goes beyond making him a governor, we are also good for the worse and the governor will soon hear from us along this regard, this is a promise.


Deltans will agree with us that Okowa has practically failed in every area of governance, he practically succeeded in deceiving Deltans, using his antics of cosmetic measures for a whole six years. Okowa may have succeeded in dragging the state backwards and deceiving the good people of Delta State for over six years, but such political prank and jokes will not be tolerated  by the Creek Dragons and CD still have what it take to humble Okowa administration for these remaining two years.The  likes of Okowa are impediments to political progression and advancement. A closer and critical look at states like Anambra, Rivers, Cross Rivers and Akwa-Ibom, you will asked, is there really a governor in Delta State? We have never had it this bad. 

Is it the N14.8 billion remitted from the Paris Club December 2016 that was squandered by Okowa’s government without payment of salaries and execution of any meaningful projects? or is it the inter-communal crisis instigated by Okowa to gain sympathy and security bonus from federation? Okowa is just bereft of ideas, he is obsessed with money, enriching himself with his relatives and stooges. Governor Okowa is a gross error and a mistake that should  have been corrected in 2019 election. The worst Governor in the history of Delta State. 

With the Creek Dragon usual mode of operation, governor Okowa will be forced to account for the 50% of the N100 billion of the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC) 13% derivation funds he deprived the commission of and he will also be pressured to account for in total of over N300 billion naira loans request he deceived the state house of assembly in approving for him and also the allocations plus special funds. 

It is no longer a news that Okowa is looting the state through certain  companies, using his brothers, friends and cronies to award billions of naira contracts to himself under the guise of being the road master. Okowa should also be aware that we are not ignorant of the fact that he is using state funds to execute some of his constituency projects he failed to do during his days as a senator after collecting the money for such projects.  

We want to equally state that all the said projects executed by Okowa in the Ijaw areas put together in Delta State cannot be compared to what  he has done in his area. The upgrading or establishment of three new universities in Delta State without considering to site anyone in Ijaw land despite their political and economic contributions is another injustice taken too far. 


The continued abandonment of the Ayakoromo bridge project is another testament that the Governor is truly not interested in the genuine development of our people, this is so as even after knowing the economic importance of the bridge, he has chosen to abandon it despite carrying out more mega projects in other areas. 

Governor Okowa will pay heavily for manipulating the Creek Dragons to achieve his political gains without keeping to  his words as promised. Yes, the CD is not known for the conventional rigorous legal  process for redress but however, in the case of governor Okowa both legal means and otherwise will be explored to expose his many ills.


Gen. Freedom Adowei 

General Commander, Creek Dragons (CD)

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