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Have You Heard About The Cursed River In Kogi State, Whose Fish Can Never Be Cooked Or Boiled?



During the conflict between Igala and Jukun kingdoms, Princess Oma-Odoko, the daughter of Attah Idoko, king of Igala Kingdom was sacrificed to preserve her father-land. She volunteered herself to be buried alive alongside other nine girls to save Igala land from Jukun in the course of the inter-tribal war.

In 1834, Princess Oma-Odoko was sacrificed by astrologers at Inachalo River, Idah, using a traditional chemical device weapon to combat an intertribal battle between the Jukuns and the Igala-Kingdom. The Inachalo River is still poisonous to the Jukun Kingdom.

Regarding the fish in Inachalo river, it is said that any fish caught in it can neither be cooked, nor boiled. Moreover, regardless of how long it is boiled or cooked, Inachalo fish will always be uncooked.

Other revelations have it that, the fish are not the usual tilapia or catfish, but rather a breed of hideous-looking, deformed class of fish. The fish are not eaten by the people. Some believe that if you are hurt by fish bones, the damage will never heal.


Since then, no one has been able to catch or kill Inachalo River fish for human food. Inachalo seafood is always served uncooked. The fish are not caught or eaten by the locals.

While Princess Inikpi was known to have sacrificed herself for the safety of her people during the Igala-Benin fight, Princess Oma-Odoko was buried alive during the Igala-Jukun conflict. Her death and the struggle are also intricately tied to the cursed Inachalo river, whose banking institution is home to the Oma-Odoko shrine.

Omodoko’s statue can be found at her shrine in order to mortalize the Princess’ bravery and role in saving the Igala people and history.

Omodoko is a legend among the various Ifala people and is still widely celebrated today.

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