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Mrs. Aghogho Agbita, An Emblem Of Humanitarian Society, The Happiness Of Others



With the aura of joy and celebration, Comrade Anthony Miens Demebide has once again rejoiced and felicitated with Mrs. Aghogho Onome Agbita, Founder & President, Aghogho Agbita Foundation (AAF).

The Warri-based popular Comedian and Master of Ceremony (MC) has described the birthday celebrant as a woman with good heart, and a rare philanthropist who has put smiles on depressed faces around her.

According to the Niger Delta Activist Cum Writer, we all have what it takes to build a lovely and caring society. Just like the saying, “I am because you are, and you are because I am”. In other words, we should live for each other to beget a happy society by helping one another.

Aghogho didn’t wait to acquire the whole world first before she starts helping but giving solace and succur to desolated souls in any little way from the blessings God has endowed her with.

“One thing is to be a christian, and another is to be a Christ-like in all endeavors of the human life.”


The AAF President in every bit has affected lives with the resources God has blessed her with, which is an exemplary call to the well-to-do in our Nigerian society to start growing the needy around them.

“Light up the fires of others, and so would your fires be lit up in case when they go off.”

As a matter of necessity, those at the top and the privileged few should start thinking in the right direction to laying bricks for others to climb.

“I want to prayerfully rejoice with you, Mrs Aghogho Onome Agbita, and the entire Humanitarian Foundation for the good deeds you have over time carried out, a clear indication of a committed woman with large heart, docorated with good thoughts and intents in practicality to grow a happy human environment.

May God continue to elongate your stay on mother earth with all your heartdesires in blessing all that come around you, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!”, Anthony prayed.

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