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Woman Turns An Awkward Moment To Romance As She Falls With Her Man In Trying To Carry Her



In a video trending on the social media, a lady and her man fell to the ground while the man was trying to carry her in front of their guests.

Meanwhile, the lady has earned wows of admiration and praises by social media users in her swift romantic turn of event as she buried her lips in her hubby’s while on the ground.

Well, carrying of the woman by her husband in a marriage event is a common practice in this part of the world but the case of these cute couple today went bizarre as they landed on the floor.

However, the woman surprised all the guests as she took charge of the scenerio and planted kisses on the man’s lips to which he responded in kind to avert the imminent shame.

Kudos to the woman for the show of smartness and brilliance because not everyone would be this smart and fast thinking. She quickly turned the incident into another innovative style until they both regained postures.

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