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Breaking News: Wife Of Muslim Cleric Died During Sex Romp With Young Lover



Reportedly, a Muslim Cleric’s wife has died during a sex romp with her younger lover.

According to the source, a Nigerian doctor who goes by the name, Dr. Chiemeziem, via the microblogging platform, narrated how a married woman was brought in dead by her younger lover after meeting him in a guest house for an illicit sexual activity.

Dr. Chiemeziem explained that midway into the sex romp, the married woman allegedly started jerking and foaming in the mouth and eventually passed out, then rushed to the hospital, where she was confirmed dead. Her husband who’s a Muslim cleric has since then been looking for the young man.

”A married woman went to her boyfriend’s house for a sex romp and passed out. He quickly brought her to the hospital, where she was pronounced BID. Word reached her husband, who’s an Alfa. Now they are all armed, looking for the man. My shift is ended, and i want no part of this.”

Chiemeziem Twitted;


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