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A Generous Teacher Adopts Her Former Student And His Little Brother, Offsets Huge Outstanding Fees



– The new mum already had outstanding student loans and accumulated $48,683.41 (N19,987,947.64) in debt adopting her two boys

– Odd jobs and frugal spending means the mum of two is now debt-free and can start saving for her sons’ future.

A beautiful and generous American teacher with a big heart has been celebrated on social media after taking in her former student and his kid brother.

After a long five years of frugal spending, the young mum finally offset all her student loans and the attorney debt it took to adopt her two wonderful boys.

Chelsea Haley was only 22-years-old when she decided to take in 11-year-old Jerome and his barely one-year-old brother. Jerome had been a struggling student in the young teacher’s class, not doing too well in academics and constantly getting into trouble.


Instead of chastising the troubled boy, Chelsea chose love and understanding. The educator put her heart into listening to the boy.

According to Her;

“After exhausting all of my resources in the classroom, I realized the only way to reach Jerome was to get to know him and just build a relationship,
“I started spending a lot of time with him outside school, going to his football games, his basketball games, just hanging out with him at home, buying school supplies and groceries, all those kinds of things.”

Not long after Jerome asked Haley if she would take him in. With the blessing of their birth mother, a few short months later the boys were in her care.

However, the road to becoming a family has not always been smooth. Haley already had massive student debt she still had to take care of and the cost of looking after two growing boys was definitely not cheap and easy.


The determined mama worked odd jobs as a tutor and building manager and even moved back in with her parents to clear the $48,683.41 (N19,987,947.64) worth of debt.

Now completely debt-free, the stunning mom says she plans on starting a savings plan for her two young boys and can finally begin securing their future.

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