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He Loves Her, Therefore Puts A Ring On Her Finger And She Consents



By Taremi Obodo

Love is a beautiful thing, most especially when both partners compatibly understand each other, noting the weaknesses and strengths of each other.

In the bid to fulfill the biblical injunction of marriage, this social media influencer has taken a bold step that would translate into the marital dream of his tomorrow.

Comrade Walter Perejitei is one of Delta/Ondo State finest and dogged activists with a very civil pen to sterilize the society.

Lagos was put in the stands as Miss Endurance Jagun’s birthday took a dramatic turn amidst cheers of happiness when Rufus, her heartthrob symbolically put a ring on her finger for a pre-marriage agreement to spend the rest of their lives together after legal marital colourations, and she accepted in consentment of commitment in love.


Perejitei lovely intoned;

“Throughout all these years of Friendship, you have been a Sister, Friend, Lover, Partner and a Completion.

Today being your birthday the best gift I could ever think of is for us to start the process of the Journey of Forever.

Thank you Endurance Tubokuroere Jagun for saying yes I do to a man like Rufus Walter Perejitei”, he ended his precise and brief but captivating statement.

Thepeoplesvoice can report that Endurance’ birthday party cum engagement was eventful in Lagos as Wale Nice, Olue Eddy, and many others were in attendance to celebrate with Rufus and his better half.

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