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Read J. Martins’ Passionate Plea To Goodluck Jonathan To Bless Nigeria



… Says Jonathan Should Forgive His Betrayers

Martins Okechukwu Joshua Kalu Okwun is widely known by J. Martins, his stage name.

The Onitsha born art is one of Nigerian best Hip Hop singers and songwriters.

J. Martins who is also a song producer has passionately written to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, former president of Nigeria to forgive his traitors and bless the country.

The singer lamented on the present chaotic situation of the country, noted some good things enjoyed under GEJ’s administration which is privy to the Nigerian citizenry.


In his heart-piercing words;°

“Jonathan Oh Jonathan🤔🤔 The freedom of speech we all enjoyed during your stay in office as president of Nigeria is no longer available, yes we never valued it then sir.

The corruption your government was accused of then have now graduated with a double PhD in this prestigious government and yet they’ve kept a blind eye thinking that they will all go free. Even if they leave government today, Nope never!

There is no part of this country that’s not under attack, if not banditry, it’s kidnapping, or Boko Haram or killing of security officers, these things were never heard of before but now it is our everyday living experience.

Oh Jonathan I know you were called all sorts of names, those who betrayed you, some of them are dead while many of them have no shame, they’re still busy jumping from one political party to another, the few others can not look at you in the face because they failed to learn from judas who betrayed his master.


Please I have a question for you and in as much I recognise that you are not a perfect person sir, you could have also had some mistakes you made in times past but sir, can you forgive all those who betrayed you? and bless this country from your heart? I know you would say you’re not a pastor but you’re a Father and father’s blessings go a long way in helping his children succeed sir, please and please sir, do this for us all”, the appeal ended.

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