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Mrs. Angela Nwosu At 33; She Is An Embodiment Of Benevolent Society, Says Demebide



A Niger Deltan Social Activist, Critic cum Writer, Comrade Anthony Miens Demebide has celebrated his social media friend, Mrs. Angela Nwosu.

Demebide in his statement described Mrs. Angela Nwosu, CEO of Angela Soundmind as an embodiment of ideal society and true caption of humanity.

Though, Miens noted that he is not an active fan of Angela Nwosu but her voluntary commitment to building a happy society by giving her time and money to empower people known and unknown to her has struck his attention, and has made him a friend to her. He therefore follows her philanthropic antecedents on social media.

Furthermore, Anthony stated that Nigeria requires people with such strong character and willingness to make the society better and liveable with the smiles of happiness for all.

“Indeed, I’m most fascinated by your good deeds on and off the social media. The little I know, by all standards of the biblical doctrines, you are truly a Christ-like.


Today, with an unending clapping ovation, I commend you for all your philanthropic acts of massive giving in love and support to family members and friends in kind and cash.

Unreservedly, I celebrate your enormous achievements of building a happy society, giving solace to friends and fans, reliving hope in the lives of the depressed and downtrodden.

The natural herbs given by God have their good and bad sides. Some have chosen these God-given herbs for negativity but you chose the better side to help those in one spiritual need or the other. As your follower on the social media, I’ve seen more than enough testimonies about your spiritual succour to those who needed it.

Many whom fate has largely smiled at have refused to act the societal teaching of humanity in line with the biblical injunction of “Be Your Brother’s Keeper”, but you’ve acted this out overtime with no expectation of payback. You may not have fat bank accounts but your benevolence profile is catchily endearing and worths celebrating.

With utmost joy, you’ve restored broken marriages, and rejuvenated several dying businesses for people. You’ve equally given massive support funds as capital to start up businesses for unaccounted number of persons.


While you commemorate your 33rd birthday anniversary, I prayerfully cry to God for more of His blessings upon you and family, may He continuously prosper your businesses, and in all your plans targeted to better humanity, may He protect and guard you”, the statement ended.

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