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Ayiri Suspended As Ologbotsere Of Warri, Atserunleghe Appointed As New Acting Ologbotsere



It was a sad moment as Ginuwa I Ruling House suspended Chief Ayiri Emami as Ologbotsere Of Warri, appointed an acting Ologbotsere.

The controversy surrounding the most respected Olu’s Stool, took a new look on Tuesday 30th March, 2021 when the Ginuwa I Ruling House made the suspension announcement of Chief Emami as the the Traditional Prime Minister (Ologbotsere) of Warri in press briefing held at the front of Olu Palace, Warri.

In same light, the Iyatsere of Warri during the press briefing appointed Chief Johnson Atserunleghe to Act as the New Ologbotsere of Warri.

The press briefing saw in attendance the Leadership of Itsekiri National Youth Council, many Itsekiri’s sons and daughters. Prince Toju Emiko on behalf of the Ginuwa 1 ruling house addressed the press. He claimed that the 1979 Edict on which the Ojoye-Isan acted, “was hurriedly put together by a hand few of our leaders to meet the exigencies of that time. This so called ‘edict’ exasperating as it is, was never presented to the people for discourse at a general assembly of the Itsekiris for purposes of ratification and general acceptance. But the last two Olus, were crowned using this aberration, despising protests and court cases against the law each time, the statement reads in parts;

“Now we come to another cross road. The Ginuwa 1 Ruling House, which is the only Ruling House in the land and which has exclusive powers to nominate a successor to the throne, has been meeting in the last three months, after a convocation of bonafide members of the House, to nominate a successor to the throne. In the end, Prince Tsola Emiko, was picked as the most qualified person to sit on the throne at this time. This was done only after his name was submitted to the Ruling House by majority of the descendants of the last three Olus, even in compliance with the vexatious edict”.


While the 1979 Edict was contended on the fact that it doesn’t give power to Ojoye-Isan power to disqualify any candidate presented to them by the Ruling House, Prince Emiko said, “This singular illegal action of ‘disqualification’ is now threatening the relative peace in Warri Kingdom and almost tearing apart the very fabric of our existence.

“He (Chief Emami) is to immediately step aside as the Ologbotsere and stop parading himself as such

“The Iyatsere, who is next in Command and in-fact the most senior chief, who accompanied Ginuwa I from Benin to found the Warri Kingdom, is hereby appointed as Acting Chairman of the Council of Chiefs and the Olu’s Advisory Council. He is to take over immediately and steer the remainder of the process to give us an organized, speedy closure”.

Mr. Esimaje Awani, who spoke during the briefing on behalf of Itsekiri National Youths Council, INYC noted that the Itsekiri youths’ organ was in support of the position of the Ginuwa I Ruling House.

F International can report that Ojoye-Isan, had on Tuesday March 30, in A meeting allegedly held at the Olu Palace Warri allegedly rejected Tsola Emiko as the choice of OMOBA, presented by the Ginuwa Ruling House on the ground that the choice was not in compliance with the 1979 Edict guiding the process of selecting an OMOBA, who is usually crowned as the Olu of Warri.


There were feelers that the embattled Ologbotsere of Warri Kingdom, Chief Ayirimi Emami, who presided over the Ojoye-Isan meeting, the Iyatsere of Warri, Chief Johnson Atserunleghe (who interestingly had been mandated by the Secretary to Emiko Descendants Forum and member Ginuwa I Ruling House) to act as Ologbotsere, the Uwangue of Warri, Chief Gabriel Awala, the Otsodin of Warri, Chief Isaac Jemide, Chief Thomas Ereyitomi, Chief Francis Omatseye and Chief Sam Omamuli A.k.A Omajaja, were in attendance at the Ojoye-Isan meeting, which purportedly rejected Prince Tsola Emiko as OMOBA.

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