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Obotebe PDP: Bougha Sheaths Sword, Hopes For Dialogue From Now Till April 30



The political pandemonium in Obotebe ward seems to drop weight as calls for dialogue and peace bears fruition from Comrade Timi Bougha.

In the last Delta state local governments elections, Timi was among the aspirants vying for the PDP ticket to represent the Obotebe ward at the legislative tier in Burutu LGA but he alleged that there were abnormalities by the leadership to discredit the primary selection process which surged stone-throw at the glass house since then.

Comrade Timi’s latest statement sent to Thepeoplesvoicengr in Warri revealed that he has succumbed to the pressure to sheath sword, and the calls for dialogue.

“First, I thank God Chiefly, who in Hs infinite mercies made everything beautiful in His time, and by His grace, privileged me to the golden hands of resource human personalities, and, at the same time, to be loved by these same hands, bearing guild, and compass to my every day living.

There is a paucity of words at my disposal now to succinctly put to bare in conveying the exactitude of my gratitude, towards these hands who, not for reason of want, but always go out of their way in seeing to the steadiness of my ship here on earth.


Having said so, the crux and kernel of today’s epistle is centered on the already tensed political atmosphere of the DSIEC Obotebe Ward, Burutu LGA, Delta State, and the obvious time-conditional sheathing of sword.

To my supporters, and to those who have come to terms with this course of liberation, from the Claws and Jaws, of vindictive and villain political leaders of the Obotebe DSIEC Ward, I can’t thank you enough, for your solidarity, and moral support.

The fight for the sole liberation and emancipation of the Obotebe DSIEC Ward, from political gluttony by the power that be goes beyond me as a person. This is not to say, because I was shortchanged in my aspiration to represent the good people of Obotebe DSIEC Ward.

My drive to represent my people at that dimension was neither a do or die affair nor a desperate one, hence the tag in this crusade only but travels in the imagination of the imagined.

The emancipation brouhaha of the DSIEC Obotebe Ward, has gotten a lot of attention, both within and diaspora, and as such I have being listening to voices calling me for restraints and a dialogue.


On this note, I make this bold statement, hearken to the calls to cease fire and welcome dialogue. I will sheath my sword for now, with the condition that, the dialogue process shall not exceed now till April 30th, 2021.

My end of the deal shall be unshaken, provided, the end of the dialogue shall be feasible within the stipulated time.

For the records in an umpteenth time; I contributed in building this house, if my simplicity turns to be taken for granted within the period under review, I shall displace the pillars that binds this very house altogether”, the statement ended.

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