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Covid-19 Vaccination: Tidi Gets Vaccinated, Encourages Others To Follow Suit In Warri South LGA



Paul Omatseyi

Warri______The council boss of Warri South Local Government Area, Hon. Michael Tidi (PhD) has been vaccinated with the Covid-19 Oxford/Astrazeneca.

In his remarks immediately after the vaccination, Tidi encouraged the good people of Warri South to be vaccinated, and help dissuade minds from the unfiltered theories about the vaccine.

The vaccine as noted by medical experts has no major side effects, and will help in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the council boss, “This pandemic has indeed brought untold hardship to the country. We cannot but thank God Almighty for witnessing this day.


I want to disabuse the minds of the people of Warri South Local Government Area from the conspiracy theory put out there about this Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

I also want to appeal to our religious leaders to be charitable with their choice of words and encourage their members to take advantage of this vaccine

The truth of the matter is this, if you are a believer of the Bible, and if you search the scriptures you’re will know that this medical knowledge is derived from the scriptures.

Science is encouraged by the Bible, so I see no reason why because of your belief and our faith, we will be speaking against science.

As one who is a scientist I can say with all sense of humility and sincerity that this is the way to go.


This is the global direction. If our leader and Governor, the cerebral Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, could lead by example by taking the vaccine together with the Speaker and other to government functionaries, I see no reason why those of us who are being led by them could not follow suit.

He (Okowa) is a successful medical doctor, he has taken the lead and all we needed to do was to follow suit. At this local level, we are also taking the lead. So I call on everybody to take advantage of this opportunity”, the statement ended.

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