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Demebide Writes Deputy Governor Otuaro, Makes Passionate Case For Ayakoromo Bridge, AGSA, And Others



Your Excellency,

Bar. Dcn. Kingsley Otuaro, the Deputy Governor of Delta State, I am in dear hopefulness and anticipation we crossed paths in Ayakoromo tomorrow or elsewhere but before I delve into stating the rational behind this post today, let me quickly mention here that this post is not meant to despise your personality and presence in Ayakoromo town tomorrow, the home of love and peace.

I trust, you would understand and grab the intended message from your Umbi and Ngbile kid brother with all sincerity but interpreters may apply the “Death of the Author” method to linguistically analyse the post, I’m not bothered though.

In 2019 at Burutu town, the Island of No Regrets, I took this shot during the 2019 PDP governorship campaigns where His Excellency, Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa strongly made the promise to complete the Ayakoromo Bridge Project, that is his second promise after the promise in 2015 campaigns at Kiagbodo, the traditional headquarters of Ngbilebiri-Mein Kingdom where Ayakoromo makes an integral part.

My heart was captured over the deteriorating level of the Obotebe health centre and the secondary school in a visit with my Umbi brother, Ellington Tam Miesine Bakumo in a sensitisation tour, and I put up a writing to that effect, calling on you and other well-meaning sons and daughters of Obotebe descendance, however you responded to the plight which reason I made the call.


Since I took this shot of you in 2019, I had no good reason to use it because I loved this motion photo beyond reasons but I feel one opportunity has floated itself to use it.

The Otuaros are great people from Obotebe town in Umbi kingdom in Burutu LGA of Delta state but lineage may link up this household name to Ayakoromo where I was told some of them lived with Late Pa. Emomoyeigha Seigha whose burial rites are billed to hold Friday 12th March, 2021. They schooled in Ayakoromo too. It’s on this premise I dreamt to interact with you.

Let me not dwell on your efforts and contributions to give the best to the deceased while his breath lasted. Your Excellency, you and your brothers superbly did well in the homefront of Pa. Emomoyeigha Seigha before his demise.

Be as it may sir, your coming to our so much revered and endeared town, Ayakoromo for the burial of this ex-soldier of the Nigerian Army, would’ve been greeted with much cheers and resounding welcome notes if the Ayakoromo Bridge Project had been completed under your watch as Deputy Governor of Delta State. Your entourage would’ve been more at ease using the bridge, veering from Warri, or enrouting from Ughelli South, and Udu LGAs. I would’ve personally mobilised the media house to welcome you on the tag of “Ayakoromo Bridge, A Giant Achievement” by Okowa/Otuaro administrations.

Meanwhile, I’m not the ungrateful type. The Okowa/Otuaro second administration has resumed work on the bridge project of which Ayakoromo youths have collectively written to appreciate the government for the release of funds and swift commencement of work, and also pleaded with the government to keep tab as promised to complete and commission the project in the second quarter of 2021, stated in the 2021 budget appropriation.


Sir, I would reiterate thankfully here, believing that you may have perfected the appointment of one, two or more Ayakoromites into office in your second administration. I humbly plead you spread your humanitarian tentacles to Ayakoromo Grammar School, Ayakoromo where some of your brothers also schooled, Show Concern for the Ayakoromo Bridge Project, Ayakoromo Electrification, Foreshore Wall Piling, and help push for Sandfielding Ayakoromo.

In a nutshell, this post largely sees you as a son of Ayakoromo in its entirety even though it pointed out a few areas where the writer desirously anticipates your intervention and assistance. In case you didn’t see me at the burial of your wonderful father-like figure, go through this again and again, it’s my my conceived message to tell you anytime I am allowed to sit adjacent to you.

I know you would want to reach me to have heart to heart discourse, and for the fact that you are a listening leader, always ready to do the biddings of the ruled, below is my identity and contact number:


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