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Obotebe Ward 10 Politics; Bougha Blows Hot, Sends Powerful Message To Its Leadership



Comrade Timi Bougha, a youth leader of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP of Obotebe ward 10 has frowned at the happenings in the ward, has therefore cautioned the leadership through this post to avoid imminent disasters that could befall the PDP family in the ward.

Timi is a known youth weight in the party. He has worked assiduously for the People’s Democratic Party over decades of years. He pushes for all inclusiveness in the ward at all times with determination and commitment to the party course.

Bougha has severally made his stand known to the public in the affairs of the party at the ward level. In a statement duly signed, of which a copy was sent to Thepeoplesvoicengr, reads in parts below:

“The People’s Democratic Party, PDP of Obotebe Ward 10, especially the 17 arm of it is not a private business or personal property, hence, privileged persons should not cow to pocket the party. The affairs and activities of the party in the Ward no longer incorporate and care about the good of everyone, its viability is descending into the abyss.

The present leadership in the Ward, so to say, and its attendant lordship is nothing but a knife which has come to cut the very fabrics bonding us as a party, thereby promoting disunity and grudges among card-carrying members.


It’s necessary these people are cautioned, and called to order before the landlordship and tenancy kind of policy destroys the party. I foresee the imminent factionalism and parallel Exco in the Ward in the coming days.

The undertone of who are they through their actions and inactions could be tantamount to parallel leadership and faction. The thought of nobody is there to challenge and its nepotism of overseeing the activities of the Ward by some unscrupulous elements, is a call to the sharpen division already in the fathoms.

A note to the leaders of the party in the local government and that of the state, the supposed moral light of the party is getting deem, may go off in Obotebe Ward if necessary steps are not taken to retrack its accountability and transparency in its institution. The pharoahicism and parochial initiations are detrimental to the survival of the party in the ward. Instead of the Sheriff we have envisaged, nightmare stares us in the face.

Things are outrightly wrong, grievous acts exhibited against members of the party. That impression of things been okay only is deceptive, only a line on the face that bends truth for their own selfish ends.

I have no personal feelings against any body or group of persons, but affairs of the party must consider the rights of all. The party belongs to all of us, and as such, opinions of the people to better and strengthen it is a necessary tool.


We choose to keep quiet not because we don’t know what to do, such persons should desist from the act. The party belongs to all of us, and not a private business. This is not over, enjoy it while it lasts. Venues of party meeting should be in neutral places, and not in an environment painted with self-centeredness and authoritarianism.

Until we review the Ward exco to accommodate the general yearning of all members as well as incorporate the persons that have worked assiduously to share from the cake, and not just a particular family, things shall never be the same in the coming days and there shall be no peace if the largess of the party does not go round. Let those that have worked be given opportunity to benefit. Let’s stop promoting nepotism, autocracy, self-centeredness, and others.

From 1998 till date, only a group of persons in Obotebe ward has been benefitting, forming Excos to the exclusion of people who have worked for the party. This needs overhauling.

The time is near. Lies and deceit will no longer rule over truth, humility, diplomacy and understanding. There is still a bitch called the day of reckoning, it is a nightmare which has come to stay”, he concluded.

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