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Otefe-Oghara Foiled Yahoo Ritualism; Maro Would’ve Become The Latest Stinky Rich Boy In Town If…….



Written By Honest Demebide

The excessive longingness for wealth has made many young Nigerians, most especially of youthful age plung into fast means of becoming rich over night, and many in the process have fallen prey even though some others succeed but suffer the brunts of repercussions.

While some work hard and tarry on the Lord to bless them, many have resolved to take the back door to be rich which has made them dip hands into places where ordinarily, they wouldn’t. The thirst and love for money can be cautioned and tailored through the moral channels.

In Oghara Polytechnic, Otefe of Delta State, an undergraduate student has allegedly attempted to use his roommate for Yahoo rituals.

As reports would have it, when the ritualist right in the act was caught, his roommate and mother’s photographs were found inside the calabash alongside fetish substances.


Maro was unlucky to have been accoiled by neighbours after burning the candle sticks and incense at the Alvino hostel in the staff quarters of the institution as instructed by his master.

Meanwhile, reports garnered that the young ritualist had bought many bags fondly called, “Ghana-must-go” to carry the expected large sum which would’ve run into 50 million naira.

Maro would’ve become stinky rich over night at the expense of people’s lives if he was not caught. That as it may, nobody would even make bold to question the source of the sudden wealth. Most of his relations and friends would’ve rather called or given him titles probably to benefit from the new rich boy in town.

It’s imperative we all thread with caution these days; know the company we keep both in school and out of school, checkmate every strange look and movement of those we call friends or brothers, ritual killings to become rich and cybercrimes are increasingly alarming.

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