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Jubilee Birthday Bash: MC Akpolokpolo Celebrates Prophet Jeremiah At 50



The bells are loud enough to upturn the day’s mood into jubilation as Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin aka Owomowomo jubilantly celebrates his jubilee birthday.

The Senior Pastor and Founder of the Mercyland Deliverance Ministry is a top-ranking minister of God who has been doing the will of God with all focus, commitment, and determination to building the human race in good light irrespective of tribes and diverse cultural backgrounds.

The Jubilarian is one respected prophet of our time as he imbibes the footprints of Jesus Christ. He strives with all zeal and love to be a true meaning of christianity, the communal life style of the biblical congregants and the disciples. As a human, he may have his flaws but the many good sides outweigh the waxing tongues of condemnation.

I have keenly watched and followed the antecedents of Owomowomo with his style to shepherd the flock placed under his shepherdship by God, and he has stolen the hearts of many with his charitable acts in the ministry and beyond.

Today consented your admittance into the humanitarian school from birth, destined by God through your religious call. You took on this great mission, commissioned by God to liberate the spiritually imprisoned, to morally bring justice to the oppressed, and alleviate the poor from hardships and pains.


While the world gleefully agogs in all forms of plaudit and ovations to celebrate your speciality and uniqueness, I also happily rejoice and commend you for the good deeds God Almighty has been performing through your religious movement to better the lots of society.

To this light, I honestly pray to God to expand the grace on you to do more exploits exceedingly great in His vineyard. May the Lord continue to keep you in His light of countenance always, keep you away from the arrows of hell, and elongate your servitude in the ministry to the last day.

Happy Birthday Sir!

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