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Eyewitness: A Car Ramps Into Residence, Destroys Gate And House In Jakpa Road



Accidents are untold incidents, and they are in most cases unfortunate. They are sometimes caused by man made mistakes or mechanical faults. It’s never one’s intention to cause an accident.In this case, Thepeoplesvoicengr can report as eyewitness of this horrorful and breathtaking incident which happened in the early hours of today in Warri, Delta State.The only occupant of the vehicle, a mother of four went to drop her children in school at about 8:00am on Monday 15th February, 2021, and she was returning home at about 10:08am, when suddenly the break failed her, and she couldn’t bring the vehicle to a stop.We can count it luck because she was off the major road and on a moderate speed when this unfortunate incident happened.Meanwhile, it was her own apartment she ramped into, her children’s room was burst into but graciously, they were already in school during the incident.However, she had serious damages on her car, the gate and house, but sustained no injuries.All thanks to God that no life was lost.

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