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Protest Against 5K Sex Price Tag, Olugbobiri Community Damsels Seek Dream Actualization



Girls of Olugbobiri community in Bayelsa State have risen to take the bull by the horn as they seek self-realisation in protest match.

These girls collectively took a match against how men have cajoled and subjugated them to sex toys, only to satisfy their sexual desires anytime afterwhich they are given only #5,000.00.

The girls, while matching round the community in black costumes elucidated in their address that the men have subjected them to a very relegated background of mere toys for sexual obligations. They therefore advocate for inclusiveness into scheme of things through empowerment which could be by employment, business or vocational trainings.

Nevertheless, building women is also building a sustainable society because an ideal society is greatly determined by the home, and women are the core managers of the home to beget a responsible community.

Meanwhile, the protesters frowned at the fact that those leaders who are supposed to assist and support them only go down with them and give them #5,000.00 as reward for the bedroom dance.


Though, the protest may seem absurd but it should be treated with genuineness of purpose and culturedness. While it saddens to note from the protesting girls of Olugbobiri community, the discourse remains a serious topic to engage the well-to-do in our society to start building women rather than turning them to satisfy sexual obsessions.

This is purely a public outcry to be integrated into the society by different means for self-recovery and actualization of their dreams.

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