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Akpoveta Blows Hot, Tackles Okowa For Ticket And Other Charges On Tricyclists



Hon. Solomon Akpoveta has spoken on the expanding injustice for transporters, most especially tricyclists (Keke Napep riders), which is alarmingly condemnable as the state government remains mute on the welfare of transporters.

According to Akpoveta, “This is a most trying period for most families as they strive to offset expenses like school fees, house rent, increasing electricity bill, hike in fuel and food, and many other family needs”.

“The government has failed to provide employment for the teeming job-seekers, and this has pushed many into the transport business just to survive with family and take care of some minors in the home. Most of these tricyclists on agreement take Keke Napep on higher ‘balance and take’ arrangements on daily or weekly basis”, he added.

Transportation business is the most common means of making ends meet for the average and poor family, but it’s becoming more challenging in recent time for the drivers. These drivers pass through a lot in the hands of hoodlums due to insecurity in our dear state. Their vehicles or tricycle are either snatched or money stolen.

The so called task force comprising thwarts employed to enforce the daily ticket of about #200.00 have joined the list to unjustly treat the drivers. There’s also #2,000.00 compulsory annual payment. They pay also at every loading point, while uniform men would collect theirs too.


Reportedly, in the Second quarter of Last year, Keke riders paid the #2,000 each anticipatedly for the said sticker from the State Government but they are yet to get it till now. As it stands they’re told to pay another #2,000.00 by the task force.

As a matter of urgency, “I beseech the Delta state government, and stake holders to call the task force to order, stop the unnecessary harrassments on drivers in our roads. Continuous cramp on these persons may result to unwanted reactions from transporters”, Akpoveta explained.

It seems the tricyclists have no Union, therefore have nobody to push their complaints and pains to, suffering the brunt from these thwarts called Agberos. Okowa should therefore through the ministry of transport, curb the unjust ticketing financial demands on transporters, and provide an encouraging transport atmosphere in the state for them to operate in.

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