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Group Sets for Protest Against Adokiye’s Unimpressive Impact on Ijaw Nation



An Ijaw group named, “Concerned Watch for Ijaw Development” (CWID) has threatened to carry out a protest against Engr. Adokiye Tombomieye over his non-performance to develop the Ijaw youths and the entire Ijaw nation.

The group noted through its leader, Comrade Paul that Engr. Adokiye Tombomieye who was elevated from being former Group General Manager (GGM), Crude Oil Marketing Division to Chief Operating Officer, Upstream at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC), Abuja has not impacted the Ijaw youths in any form, will therefore stage a live protest to his Abuja office soon.

It was a big joy for the entire Ijaw nation when he was promoted to his present rank with the hope that many Ijaw graduate youths and non-graduates will find amelioration from him in the area of human capital development, but it now seems to us that he doesn’t care about Ijaw Ethnicity, as his root.

Adokiye has been in the oil and gas sector for over 30 years but Ijaw Nation is yet to feel his impact. It’s by helping each other that the poverty-stricken Ijaw Nation will grow. What we see today is self-centeredness. The opportune do not want to help the inopportune to grow.

As regards the above, CWID will stage protest walk to the Chief Operating Officer, Upstream in the NIgerian National Petroleum Corporation, and subsequently involve some other well-to-do Ijaw children.

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