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A Woman Kills Her Children And Herself Over Husband’s Cheating



One problem in marriages today is the lack of trust. Spouses not trusting each other has caused a whole lot of harm to marriages, either making the wife to kill her husband or herself and children. The fact that men cheat make their wives do not trust their husbands in front of beautiful girls.

In this unfolding story, a woman brought home a maid to help out in the house chores. While a lot prefer older maids as a result of the rampant cheating with housemaids, others still prefer young maids for their personal reasons.

According to, the woman found her husband cheating on her with the same housemaid she brought home to help her out with the house chores.

The woman did not only kill herself after seeing the husband and her maid making out together for the fear that the husband would be left with the maid as the new mother of the children she would leave behind.

Brenda is a 29 year old from Rusape. She poisoned her children and later committed her own suicide.


According to neighbours who found their bodies said that they found them near an opened bible. It is believed that she also drank from the poison she gave her children.

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