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Popular Warri Billionaire Prophet Meets His Longtime Pastor Friend, Gifts Him A Car And Cash



……Pastor Dominic Told Me A Dream Of My Ministry Which Surely Came To Pass, Says Prophet Jeremiah

December 27, 2020 was a day of blessing encounter as Senior Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin met with is long time friend, Pastor Dominic Nwoko of Mountain of Fire Ministry.

Pastor Dominic Nwoko of Mountain of Fire Ministry paid Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin a visit amidst Sunday church service at Christ MercyLand, Warri in Delta state. The two pastor friends knew each other far wayback.

As the lines of history would have it, in 2011, Omoto’s church suffered the brunts of weather elements. The church always submerges in waters whenever there is heavy downpour of rain. The church facilities and properties would be covered by the floods.

According to the news source, Pastor Dominic had a dream and revealed it one certain day about Prophet Fufeyin and what likely his ministry would become three years from the revelation.


Speaking further on this revelation, Pastor Dominic told the Prophet in the dream that “he saw mansions, big city inside the church premises of Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministry; foreigners trooping into the church, and some of them trying to see the man of God”, he added.

While in the congregation, Senior Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin noticed Pastor Dominic, and quickly called him out. They exchanged pleasantries, and recalled old memories of how far God has brought them and the dream Pastor Dominic had told him many years ago about his ministry which is a reality today.

In the course of refamiliarisation, Pastor Dominic narrated his ordeals, encountered in God’s missionary work and life challenges. Reacting to the recount of his ordeals and appearance, the Senior Prophet of Mercyland knew that all is not well with Dominic, hence he had compassion on him and blessed him with a car and #200,000.00. In addition, Owomowomo also blessed him with #1,000,000.00 as stipend for Pastor Dominic’s congregants.

The Mercyland shepherd is synonymous with this magnitude of philanthropy and even more than. The pastor and congregants prayed for God to continually bless the Prophet and his ministry to grow from grace to grace.

In the array of amazement, the promise which was made on the 27th of December, 2020 was fulfilled on Thursday 31st December, 2020 during the cross-over night service to 2021 as the car and the cash gifts were presented to Pastor Dominic Nwoko.


What is our Christ-likeness without an iota of the Christ we follow? Charity is a core part of the christian religion. Over time, the Senior Prophet of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri has built steadily on this moral and communal trait as a child of God, expanding beyond the mere preaching of the gospel.

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