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Man Catches Wife Panties Down With His Friend



It’s morally unconventional for a married woman to go down with another man. It’s an abomination against the traditional values and norms of most cultural groups.

It was a bizarre as a Nigerian man caught on their matrimonial bed his wife and his friend naked in the middle of a bedroom dance.

The humiliation climaxed as the husband, a yet-to-be identified young man took a selfie. In the wake of this embarrassing incident, he consciously took a selfie photo as a concrete proof to show his inlaws the unruliness of their daughter and to disgrace them publicly.

Upon his return from work, he was given tips by his neighbours about the strange behaviour unfolding around the duo. With the suspicious revelations he banged into his room only to discover the two lovers caught up in the web of the bedroom smile and dance.

Moreover, revelations popped up as to how the culprit friend often times comes with the husband to the house, and the wife would cook for them to eat.


Unbelievably, this act remains a shock for the husband.

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