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The Family As The First Social Institution and The Oreva’s Example



The family unit or home is saddled with several responsibilities to building an ideal society. The family is the first social institution, the building block of our future, but the style of parenting is a determining force to how our children will be tomorrow. When the family or home fails, society cracks in tears and breaks down into untameness and anarchy.

Parents are like gardeners. They ensure that the garden is taken proper care of and prevents unwanted interference of weeds to distort the garden from his attractive greeneriness.

Indisputably, there is extreme breakdown of law and anarchy in our society because most families have failed to inculcate those relevant aspects of culture in their wards, and the unchecked peer influence. Majority of the problems in society today stems from poor upbringing. Proverbs 22:6 clearly states, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”.

Little Oreva Jane Agbita’s homely dispositions at her tenth birthday batch in Warri stirred this commentary. Her beauty and homely touched and cultured manners photographed my thoughtful attention. They left me with no doubt that there are still homes with the best of home-schooling.

Progressively, Ms Oreva Jane Agbita is a shining example to many of her age-group out there because her parents have moulded her attitude and character right from the infancy to adolescenthood. She has been so cultured that even in the absence of her mother, she does the home chores, caters for her younger siblings at such a tender age.


Moreover, Oreva’s elegance also plays out even in her character of humility, taking the lead-light from her parents. Just like her parents would never look down on anybody because tomorrow is like a twinned pregnancy, Oreva is plying same ideology of life. Her upbringing and intelligence is referential at all times, even in her school, other parents reference her to their children. It’s rare for families of such magnitude to produce humble and well-behaved children, but the subject matter is a strong antonym to the latter assertion.

In summary, with utmost enthusiasm, I want to encourage Mr & Mrs Orezi Agbita to keep doing the good work to building a responsible home for a better society. Her continuous threading this path will have a great impact on peers and society at large.

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