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Delta State And The 2023 Ijaw Governorship Question: Comrade Jerome Demebide Speaks



There is intensified clamour travelling the length and breadth of the social media on who to take the governorship slot of Delta state in 2023 as many bidders across all ethnic groups in the state are sprouting, whatever nobody’s interest should be relegated or subverted as a bad postulation.

Statistics available reveals that the Ijaw ethnicity is most oppressed, and the Delta Ijaws are not exception, known to have suffered political malignancy and injustice in the genre of governorship issue in the state, and other perceptions. The clamour is high against the zoning arrangement of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP which has been in the front burner of governance since the creation of the state from the defunct Bendel in 1991.

Delta state is made up of several ethnicities; Igbo, Urhobo, Ijaw, Isoko, and Itsekiri. Indisputably, Igbo, Urhobo, and Itsekiri have produced governors of the state while Ijaw and Isoko have been at the back wheels propellant to their aspirations. I do not understand the rationale behind the governorship zoning of the PDP which hasn’t favoured the other cultural groups.

This is a clarion call on the Ijaws of Delta state to stand on their foot against all forms cajoling, other political jargons and arrangements that undermind the people’s interest. But there are many questions that begging for answers, bearing our sincere preparedness for the race that lies ahead.

Comrade Demebide Jerome, a Niger Delta activist, youth leader, and former Vice President, IYC Worldwide has expressed worries on how prepared and united the Ijaws are to dig it out in 2023. He further emphasized that Ijaw must have a united front and a consensus to project its bid to produce the next governor of the state.


It will be nice if other political parties are considered because we have many Ijaws as members of other parties. They should not be underestimated, bringing the leaderships on roundtable to chart a harmonious resolve for 2023, not excluding the business moguls, the traditional rulers and council of chiefs. They are also integral to this all-round-important decision for the entire Ijaw Nation, most especially Delta Ijaw. If this is done without the colouration of superiority over one another, then the question of who to be our consensus aspirant is answered behind the camera, then the Ijaw political ship will be sailing smoothly.

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