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Birthday Alert: KFT Surprises Wife With A Range Rover Car



Birthdays are most commonly celebrated just like marriages.

Today affords us another opportunity to celebrate another revered personality in Ijaw nation. This time, it’s the impeccable wife of High Chief Biniebimiekumor Ekomieyefa who has danced without restrictions into a new age, provoked with a surprise present of a tear-rubber Range Rover Car from her ever lovely and caring husband to mark the triumphant entry into an already pleasant-smelling age.

The king of KFT Conglomerate, High Chief Ekomieyefa Uduboh describes his wife as the best with the skills of homely midwifery of all that concerns their matrimonial desires geared towards a sustainable peaceful home bonded in undivided and unshakable love.

In same vein, many describe her as a selfless woman, humble, friendly and accessible to all. She irrespective of her social stratification doesn’t look down on anybody.

Chief Fun-ere Uduboh, fondly called “The Queen of KFT” has done innumerable sacrifices in her bid to contribute meaningfully to humanity.


I therefore, join her hubby, family and friends to wish her the best as she journeys through another circle of 365 days.

Happy Birthday,
Chief Fun-ere Uduboh!

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