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Glorious Red-Letter Day To My Dearest Friend; Let’s Jol………



It’s always a great thing to see the end each year and the start of another as some people are not privileged, not that we are righteous or sinless but just the gracious mercy of God.

I can’t hold back the joy to have somebody worth calling a soulmate and betterhalf, starting each year with the junket of her birth anniversary. Just like marriage ceremonies birthdays are also widely celebrated. While some keep the birthday waves low and quiet, others hit the taps running at each spear of breath.

Plying from the above light, I wish to joyously fete my beloved wife, Mrs Chimdiya Bertha Demebide on the simcha of her birth anniversary today.

Although, the beauty of words may fail me today but I tend not to be oblivious in the hullabaloo that tells the importance of my dear wife to my existence as a husband. Nevertheless, a few words could fathom her conviviality as a friend, sister and mother.

Consequently, being rich can be viewed from different perspectives. Healthwise, one is considered rich if he’s healthy. In other schools of thought, peace of mind, less worry from the trivialities of today’s society, economic and other spheres of richness are considered.


Moreso, When the family or home is peaceful and happy, a community of peace and happiness is imminent to build a liveable society.

Conversely, making the choice to marry Chichi is one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

Chichi has the qualities of a friend, mother and sister. She perfectly understands the workings of the matrimonial home, and abides to create the needed atmosphere at all times.

I’m her pillar, but when the pillar weakens sometimes, her shoulders are always available to rest on and take a nap, resuscitates to the original man state with heartwarming and encouraging words from that lovely scriptural codification.

Affirmatively, when a husband has the backing of his wife, he would succeed in all ramifications. Indeed, Bertha is a wife whose support I enjoy at my dwindling times as we hope for a steady rise in life. She prays and plans with her man on how to subdue tough moments in life like the pendulum that’s ready to jingle anytime.


My Dear Love, it’s your day. I may not be able to afford all your desires but it’s my duty to improve on my antecedents, a responsibility I owe you and our unborn children. With God’s help, I will always strive to make you smile at all times to give you the best treat as a wife. God willing, we shall arrive to tell the ugly and beautiful tales of life.

Queen of MC Akpolokpolo’s Conglomerate,
Chi-Chi Chimdiya TonyDems!

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